25 years / 25 posters:
Homage to Pierre Collier, movie poster designer


Exhibition from October 12 to October 21  

Festival Village  

25 Rue du Premier-Film, Lyon 8th

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"The art of the movie poster is to reduce the 350,000 images that the director has made into a single image.”
-Stanley Kubrick

This exhibition pays tribute to movie poster designer Pierre Collier, who has created over 550 posters of French and international films d’auteur over the last 25 years. 25 of his most emblematic images, from of Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train, to 8½ Women by Peter Greenaway, to The River by Tsai Ming-Liang.
The notes on each of the 25 films written by Peter Collier puts us at the heart of his creative process: his inspirations, his relationships with filmmakers, distributors and actors. They also reveal the life of a movie poster, its visual element, his revivals, and his successes though many countries.
At the end of this visit to the universe of Peter Collier, we invite you to continue discovering his work in the village, through certain posters he has made ​​about Ken Loach’s films.




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