CINEMA BALLS: an overture to the Lumière Festival!



Reinvented, adapted and simplified, mythical ballroom scenes were danced by the public during the “Cinema balls,” organised by the Biennale de la Danse. There were simple, funny, sometimes wacky dances- suitable for all audiences and all ages.

No need to be an expert to have fun dancing the Madison after seeing the amazing scene in Potiche by François Ozon starring Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve. The public came to share with family and friends a unique dance in unison!


The “ambassadors”

Hundreds of amateur dancers got moving to participate in the Biennale Cinema balls as ambassadors. These ambassadors simply attended a 3-hour rehearsal session with Dominique Hervieu to learn the dances ahead of the balls.

Cinema ball day, the "ambassadors," along with professional dancers, led and taught the dances to family, friends, and the general public.



The Cinema Balls were held at the Transbordeur

Saturday, September 29 at 3pm and 9pm

Sunday, September 30 at 3pm



Tickets can be purchased at or by calling +33 (0)4 27 46 65 65


  • Partenaires médias :
  • France Télévision 2012
  • France Inter 2012
  • Variety 2012
  • Le Monde 2012
  • Studio Live 2012
  • Petit Bulletin 2012
  • Evene 2012
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