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Becoming a sponsor of the festival means supporting a unique cultural event, one that revives rich memories that belong to all of us, by experiencing them in the present while exploring our cinematic past history. It is a celebration of youth and a lively approach to bringing together those who have a passion for the cinema: viewers of all ages, the audience, and the artists.

In the spirit of the festival, we offer a friendly sponsorship, accessible to companies of all sizes.

Because your company will have access to real opportunities to develop its image,

Because the festival, held annually, will offer you the opportunity to reinforce your brand over time,

Because the festival will be both a meeting and business place, for your company- a place of regional, national and international significance, a place of celebration and conviviality to experience unique moments with your clients and employees,

Because the commitment of over 100 partners in the third edition of the festival is a sign of confidence,









Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal to listen to your ideas for a personalised partnership.

For more information:

Elsa Garaix
 + 33 (0)4 78 78 18 96
Institut Lumière
25, rue du Premier-Film
BP 8051
69352 Lyon cedex 08

Media & Communication partners:
Morgane Hénaff
+ 33 (0)4 78 78 54 62 

The fiscal advantages of sponsorship 

Deduction of corporation tax of 60% of the deposit within 0.5% of turnover (with possible postponement of 5 years).


  • Partenaires médias :
  • France Télévision 2012
  • France Inter 2012
  • Variety 2012
  • Le Monde 2012
  • Studio Live 2012
  • Petit Bulletin 2012
  • Evene 2012
  • Télérama 2012